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hello I'm using your flutter bridge package I'm donig a payment using startPaymentWithSavedCard the payment is sent and it returns a resposne which is great but it does not save the card i tried it on many devices and it doesn't work. can you please provider a solution to this.

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Welcome, Dear Muhammad,

Thanks for reaching PayTabs out on our Developers Community. My Name is Hussein Mostafa from the technical support team and I will be looking into this post and following up with you.

I want to confirm with you that the below scenario is the one you went through, the ideal behavior is that first you need to initiate at least one authenticated/successful/paid transaction using the StartPaymentWithSavedCard to save the card details and use it in any further transactions. You may need to follow the steps clarified in our 3.2.2 Flutter SDK | Payment With SDK Saved Card solution article. We highly recommend you check our 2.2 Flutter SDK | The PaymentSdkConfigurationDetails Object to learn more about the object and how to specify the parameters.

If you followed this exact scenario and the issue still persists, kindly revert back to us with a screen image/record of your scenario to assist you accordingly. 

I hope this resolves any confusion or inquiries you may have. 

You should also know that we are providing you with a great "Solutions Portal" that includes so many articles that can walk you through any situation such as the "The How to & The What Is (FAQ)" category which contains the technical and non-technical FAQ, and the "How to Integrate with PayTabs?" category which contains all the available methods to integrate with the fully detailed documentation and "Troubleshooting Your Issues/Errors" category which will allow you to trace and solve your issues without seeking for any assistance.

Please don't ever hesitate to comment back if you still have further inquiries.  Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

Glad to be always in help.

Hoping you have a profitable and successful trade.

thank you for replying hussien, 

the payment response was success so the response of the payment assured me that the payment was successful also the money was withdrawn from the card we used to pay. 

can you please tell me what part of my code u need to document for you ? 

keep in mind i did follow the tutorial and followed all the steps.

thank you 

Welcome, Dear Maher,

I hope you are doing well.

As per the mentioned case, I highly recommend you check and try our Flutter PayTabs (bridge) example as a reference for you.

If the issue still persists, kindly revert back to us with screenshots or a short record of your scenario, along with your configuration code (concealing/removing the keys/credentials) to assist you accordingly.

For now, I am pending for your kind response. Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues. 

Glad to be always in help.

Hoping you have a profitable and successful trade.