API Integration 4



Hi, I have transaction with total amount 100 SAR and I need partial refund it , I call API 3 times by passing cart_amount = 50 SAR  at each time at the first time  the response_status is "A" at the second time the response_status is "A" at the third time the response_status is "A" the expected result is in the third time the response is "E",  which is I exceeded the max value of transaction, what is the wrong? my sample request is     {     "profile_id": xxxxx,     "tran_type": "refund",     "tran_class": "ecom",     "cart_id": "xxxxxxx",     "cart_currency": "SAR",     "cart_amount": 50,     "cart_description": "refund reason",     "tran_ref": "TSTxxxxxxxxxx" }  

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