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  i am not getting transaction response in callback/return url

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i need a transaction status so that on the basis of the response in callback/return url i will update in my crm as well as redirect the user.

Welcome, Dear Ayushi,

Thanks for reaching PayTabs out on our Developers Community. My Name is Osama El-Hamahmy the technical support team and I will be looking into this post and following up with you.

Indeed you can get the transaction status once it's completed via callback/return URL which returns within the transaction response payload among the status attribute as shown below:


To know all the response status that may return to you please check the below:


Response Status





Hold (Authorised but on hold for further anti-fraud review)


Pending (for refunds)








For more information please check our solution article What is: Response_code vs the Response_status?

Also, we highly recommend you to know more information about the response parameters 
Request/Response Payload's Parameters Walkthrough (Hosted Payment Page API Endpoint Edition), along with the different ways that PayTabs provides to get all the responses for more please check our solution article What are the Five (5) ways of receiving transaction response?

However, if the case you are facing is that you are getting a blank response please follow the instructions steps in our solution article (E): Recieve a blank response (or no response at all) via your return/callback URLs to troubleshoot your issue.

If this is not the case please elaborate with more information to assist you accordingly.


You should also know that we are providing you with a great "Solutions Portal" that includes so many articles that can walk you through any situation such as the "The How to & The What Is (FAQ)" category which contains the technical and non-technical FAQ, and the "How to Integrate with PayTabs?" category which contains all the available methods to integrate with the fully detailed documentation and "Troubleshooting Your Issues/Errors" category which will allow you to trace and solve your issues without seeking for any assistance.


Please don't ever hesitate to comment back if you still have further inquiries. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.


Glad to be always in help.

Hoping you have a profitable and successful trade.